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EdCamp has always prided itself on being a different type of learning experience. To this day, it champions the phrase, unconference. So, in a place where we expect learning experiences to differ, I say, it is time for something different.

Ok, maybe I stole that. I stole it from BreakOutEdu. I started playing and making Breakouts less than 3 months ago. The challenges, collaboration, and problem-solving hooked me instantly and I have been in love with building my own for students and staff ever since. Why not then, experience something different in the very place where great thinkers gather to experience a different learning environment? That is why at EdCampNJ I have been working with the other organizing members to create a BreakOut EdCamp Edition that will take place right here at EdCampNJ!  

My first thought was to create a BreakOutEdu session where people would come and share their ideas and resources. Learning from others makes BreakOuts better and more fun.  But, I also realized that I learned most from experiencing games themselves. That is why I decided to build (at least one so far) a breakout game specifically for EdCamp for session participants to play at EdCampNJ.  

Looking for something different? You have found it. EdCampNJ will offer an incredible day of learning and sharing with hundreds of great minds from across the mid-Atlantic region. BreakOutEdu will be just one of the many great things to learn about, discuss, and share when you come to EdCampNJ on November 19th in West Windsor/Plainsboro.  See you there!

Brian Costello
Google Certified Innovator
Digital Innovation Specialist

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